Strong partnerships are needed so as to be effective in reaching the entire continent of Africa with the gospel. During the many years of it’s existence “Wheels” has concluded partnership with amongst others:

  • Every Home for Christ Anglo Africa;
  • Multi Ministries S.A.;
  • Samaritan’s Purse (Sudan);
  • Love Mozambique;
  • Church of God World Missions Cleveland, Tennessee;
  • Men and Woman of Action Cleveland, Tennessee;
  • Church of God Africa Council;
  • Rio Missions, Knoxville Tennessee, and
  • Chinese Global Ministries.


Logo_104FM2_300x156RADIO TYGERBERG

Radio Tygerberg is a Christian Radio station based in Cape Town. This radio station has more than 528000 listeners and can be found on 104fm frequency.



Ipic Property Group is an investment company based in Cape Town. They also contribute to Wheels for God’s Word as an organisation that affect meaningful and positive change.



This church organisation support Wheels for God’s Word as part of their World Missions vision.


printable_church_page_212x300VARIOUS CHURCHES

A broad spectrum of churches doing missions, use Wheels for God’s Word as a vehicle for their own missions by equipping pastors with the Heart of man posters, Bibles, bicycles and literature packages.  The Heart of Man Chart (10 colourful 900 mm X 600 mm pictures) is a visual presentation of the Gospel and is powerfully effective in rural Africa where the people are mostly illiterate. The Chart relates to the condition of a man’s heart through animal pictures which they identify with in every day life and cultural stories. The Charts come in African and European features with explanatory booklet (available in 300 languages world wide).



Many churches and church organisations have been blessed through partnering with Wheels for God’s Word the last few years. To mention a few, Assemblies of God, Church of God, Full Gospel Church of God, Christian Love Ministries, A F M, S I M, Agapè Christian Church, Dutch Reformed Church, Baptist Maranatha Fellowship, End Time Harvest, Word of Faith Soul Winning Ministries, Kingdom Life Ministries, AD 2000 Madagascar, Reformed Church and New Hope Ministries, School for Missions, Igreja Refomada Em Mocambique, CAN-TELL, Reformed Church, Bethesda Worship Centre, Vineyard Gospel Ministry, Faith Family Fellowship Ministries International, etc.DSC04864_WP_300x224DSC04792_WP_300x224