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    17 Mar 2016
    In 2013 the Africa Council of Church of God, World Missions, elected  Raymond Lombard as the chairman of the Africa Firewall Evangelism and Church Planting project. This initiative embraces a strategy for...
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    05 Apr 2016
    The heart-of-man-charts had their beginning in France in 1732. It is an allegorical rendering of the heart of man in 10 images. It visually manifests the impact of the gospel on...
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Who are we?

It all started in September 1995 when Pastor Raymond Lombard from Cape Town was moved by the Holy Spirit to initiate a project that would ultimately reach every home,  tribe,  clan,  family,  and village throughout Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Advancing the Gospel in Africa through Bicycles and Heart of Man Charts

We supply bicycles and Heart of Man charts, as well as other Christian literature, to preachers, pastors, evangelists and missionaries working in African countries with a generally poor transport infrastructure.

Wheels for God’s Word is an interdenominational evangelical missionary organisation.

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Wheels for God’s Word is
looking for active, committed partners in
the tremendous challenges we’re facing in Africa.

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