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Heart of Man Charts

The heart-of-man-charts had their beginning in France in 1732.  It is an allegorical rendering of the heart of man in 10 images. It visually manifests the impact of the gospel on the heart of man.  The heart booklet was revised and rewritten in 1929 by Rev. J.R. Gswend for the mission field (Africa). The booklet with the explanations and Scripture quotations is available in no less that 250 indigenous languages and is distributed in more than 127 countries. All Nations Gospel Publishers have the rights to this material. “Wheels” obtained the copyrights for the printing and distribution of the pocket sized heart chart.

Leaders are trained on how to use the heart-of-man charts effectively in evangelisation.  After the initial theoretical training, practical instruction takes place where the leaders must present the heart chart themselves.  Leaders at the training conference is divided into groups of two each, they will go into a village or town for 2 to 3 hours duration, presenting the gospel to people in nearby villages.  Feedback is then given through testimonies when everyone involved in the training returns.

This ministry of “Wheels” has in 20 years grown to the extent that at least 4 000 leaders have already received bicycles, many have also received motorbikes, and 14 642 leaders from many different denominations have received their own heart-of-man charts and have been trained to preach the gospel in their own context. Through this initiative, “Wheels” has for more than 20 years built an infrastructure within the church and mission world.  This covers 32 African countries (and in the far East, China, Mongolia and even India).

1 Joh 1: 9   If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The Sinner’s Heart


The Sinner’s Doom


The Crucified Christ


The Heart Convinced of Sin


The Repenting Heart


The Heart – The Temple of God


The Tempted and Divided Heart


The Heart Hardened by Sin


The Victorious Heart


The Glorious Homecoming of the Believer