Mozambique soaked with rain and God’s Word

Raymond and Steven went to the Manica province of Mozambique to train new hub leaders in evangelism and church planting.  This took place from 29 January till 1 February 2014.  Present at this conference was also the national leaders Pastors Armindo Magule and Lazaro Muzui. Chimoio lies on the Beira Corridor to the west, near Mutare in Zimbabwe.  Chimoio is not far from the Gorongosa National Park.  Love Mozambique (LoveMoz) generously provided accommodation and met them at Beira with a small aircraft based at the mission station.

After settling in at LoveMoz they were treated to the special hospitality of Francois and Alta Rauch, long term missionaries to Mozambique; and just before bed time Herbie Venter arrived by road with a load of training materials, Bibles and equipment needed for the conference.  On the outskirts of Chimoio, they joined fifty enthusiastic pastors from across the Manica province and from as far away as Maputo in the south for two days of intensive training.

Raymond kicked off the first day with evangelism training using the Heart of Man Chart.  Before lunch the pastors were each given a chance and had to practise presenting the Gospel to one another.  After lunch, they went out onto the streets and into the village to do practical training. Within an hour, over two hundred people in the surrounding area of the church had heard the gospel and seventy five people gave their lives to Christ.  All were invited to attend church the following Sunday.

On the second day, it was Steven’s turn to present the church planting training which the leaders embraced with enthusiasm.  As the vision of what could be achieved sank in, their eyes lit up and a new burning passion to expand the Kingdom of God grew in their hearts.  The group prayerfully committed to plant more than 300 churches before the next training in June.  Your prayers are needed to grow God’s Kingdom in this country!