Firewall Evangelism and Church Planting Training in Guayaquil, Ecuador 20 March 2017

As part of the Global Fire Advance, Pastor Raymond Lombard (Wheels for God’s Word and Word on Wheels) and Ronnie Hepperly (RIO Missions) as well as Pastor Dale trained 60 pastors in Guayaquil, Ecuador!  It  was  very  humid  and  after  Pastor  Raymond  travelled  38 hours,  and  had  only  3  hours sleep,  he  was  glad  to  join  hands  again  with  his  dear  friend  Ronnie  and  Dale  from  Friendsville, Tennessee!  Ronnie  and  Dale  know  each  other  for  more  than  50  years  and  are  great  men  of  God! Roberto from Panama City was the faithful,  real  local Panamanian  interpreter! Manuals in Spanish were supplied by Harvesters International Ministries.
The afternoon was spent on an evangelism outreach in the city of Machala. Pastors and evangelists were so happy and blessed to receive their evangelism material.  They presented the gospel to 105 people  in  one  hour,  39  people  committed  their  lives  to  Christ.  Some  of  them  brought  their  new converts to the church and introduced them to the rest of the conference!