Global Fire Advance Training in Uganda – 5 to 6 Jul 2018

Pastor Raymond Lombard, Ronnie Hepperly and Francois Rauch visited the largest refugee camp (combined) in the world near Arua in northern Uganda, close to the Sudanese border, and even closer to the north east border of Congo. They trained Pastors from surrounding refugee camps in Evangelism and Church planting.

Using the Heart of Man chart, many souls were saved and the firm believe is that many new churches will be planted in the combined refugee camps.

Pastors even came as far as Darfur in Sudan itself to attend the training. In his own words, Pastor Raymond is very excited that the Lord in His goodness and faithfulness allowed them to work with these men and woman of God.

Without changing any word, the following email were received in answer to the visit. Faithful to its name, Wheels for God’s Word, of which Pastor Raymond is the founder and Chairperson, donated 10 bicycles during this visit, and this email is expressing the gratitude of the recipients:

Dear Pastor Raymond Lambard,
May peace and Love from our Lord be with you all. I hope this mail gets you well.

On behalf of the church leaders/Pastor/Evangelist in refugee camp and on my own behalf we would like to give thank and appreciate you for the ten (10) bicycles you donated.

The bicycles are very useful tools for the facilitation and expansion of the Gospel here in the refugee camps.

We have already distributed to 10 ministers who represent 10 camps. Find attached photos.

Secondly we are receiving very wonderful report from different camps how useful the Heart of man charts is move thank 90 persons received Jesus as their  Saviour and 54 were baptisted in water.

You should join us in pray for 10 more bicycles 5 for the refugee camps and 5 to be send to Terekeka in South Sudan.

The people Terekeka  are Mundari one of the unreached people group in South Sudan.

We have 7 churches in that Region and I am in close contact with our pastors there. The cost of bicycles in Juba is US 120.00 Dollar and here in Arua it is US 110.00 Dollar including transportation to the camps.
Our pastor in Juba is Niclos Loliki Lemi

Pass our Love to Pastor Ronald and Francis

God bless you we are praying for you
Pastor John Noah Komi