Firewall evangelism conference in Niamey, Niger : 12 – 15 June 2019

When Pastor Raymond travelled to Niamey in Niger on 12 June, there was a great anticipation. This training conference was different from the conferences over the past few years for two reasons. The one was that it was purely evangelism training and not focussed on Church planting. Related to this, and the main reason for the great anticipation, was the presentation of the revised Heart of Man application for the very first time.

As Ps Raymond explained: Aftikous Manathé is the first pastor in Africa to have this app on his phone. What is amazing is that he is also the man that has planted 22 new churches in Niger…. and now the Lord has graced him to be the one to be the first to have this app.

By using this app, at the moment only on the android platform, pastors will be able to report instantly with how many people they shared the Gospel, how many people accepted Christ, how many Churches were planted and also if they shared the gospel with a person from an Unreached Peoples Group (UPG). The Heart of Man charts and text is also on the app in various languages.

The training was conducted in one of the Firewall training centres in West Africa in Niamey, the capital city of Niger. Despite the temperature being 41°C, the pastors and evangelists went into the streets and shared the good news of Jesus. 137 People heard the gospel and 33 people gave their life in a prayer of commitment to Jesus Christ as they accepted Him as Lord and Saviour.

We thank and praise God for His continuous blessings and mercy upon the men and woman in Africa who dedicate their lives to Christ and His Kingdom.