Firewall evangelism and church planting conference in Salima, Malawi – 9 to 10 May 2019

Pastor Raymond and Johann Terblanche travelled to Salima in Malawi for Firewall Evangelism and Church Planting training at Lake Malawi.

On the first day 62 Pastors and evangelists signed up for the training. As Ps Raymond said, “you see them in the classroom… you see them at the Lakeside… you see them under a Mango tree… you see them under a bougainvillea…you see them under a baobab tree… you see them in a garden… you see them in a banana plantation! This is Africa!!”

They received Heart of man chart training on the first day. What the Lord has done at Lake Malawi, in the village of Kamphinda, is incredibly wonderful. 533 people heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and 267 souls accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour!!

Heart of Man Charts, including pocket charts and booklets were issued to the pastors. Thirty pastors received the large heart of man chart, twelve pastors received bicycles – “wheels” for ministry to villages, and four pastors received The Bible Radio. It is the complete NKJV Bible.

On the second day of training people of the village showed up for prayer for deliverance. Great were the surprise as people from the village came forward to hand in their drugs as they seek the Lord’s forgiveness. The rest of the day was spent on Church planting training which included strategic planning for future church planting.