Conference in Yaounde, Cameroon

Praise the Lord! The books arrived in time for the conference in Yaounde! It arrived the previous day! This was a close call, but it is done! Thank you Stefan Loots!

These men of God are in serious discussions about how they are going to implement the Firewall in Cameroon. They are not only excited about the evangelism material but are extremely happy to have strategy now of how to plant sustainable churches using the Hub model of Harvesters.

In 2006 I gave this pastor in Yaounde a bicycle and heart of man chart. During our Firewall training he asked to share his testimony. He told the leaders at the conference that with that one heart of man chart he planted 6 new churches! Once again I was amazed to hear of churches planted that I never knew about as I had faithfully over a period of 21 years trained over 17 000 men and woman of God with the heart of man chart in evangelism. Only heaven will one day fully reveal what has happened in Africa through the Lord’s doing. We are only instruments in His precious hands. We surely love you Lord!!!To God be the Glory!

David the Superintendent COG World Missions and Ephraim the National Secretary COG with the Hub manuals and some books from Harvesters. Tomorrow pastors will be trained in effective church planting!

Cameroon, Yaounde! What a wonderful day of Firewall evangelism training and outreach we had today. In total 67 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord.